Brian Shaw celebrates at the 2021 World’s Strongest Man. / Instagram

The World’s Strongest Man 2023 is less than three months away. Today, WSM announced the events and schedule for this year’s World’s Strongest Man, which will be held April 19-23 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Two-time champ and defending champ Luke Stoltman will go for a three-peat, and four-time champ Brian Shaw will attempt to tie the record of five wins held by Mariusz Pudzianowski. Shaw, who will be 41 and who last won in 2016 but was second just two years ago, announced this will be his final World’s Strongest Man.



The 30 competitors will be divided into five groups of six men.

April 19: Day 1

Event 1: Loading Race

Event 2: Deadlift Machine

Event 3: Log Ladder

April 20: Day 2

Event 4: Conan’s Wheel

Event 5: Kettlebell Toss

The five winners of the five groups qualify for the finals. The second- and third-place finishers in each group participate in a stone-off (lifting ascending Atlas stones) and each of the five stone-off winners advance to the final round.

Event 6: Stone-Off

A total of 10 strongmen advance to the finals.


April 22: Day 3

Event 1: Fingal’s Fingers

Event 2: Deadlift

Event 3: Shield Carry

April 23: Day 4

Event 4: Max Dumbbell

Event 5: Vehicle Pull

Event 6: Atlas Stones