Do you want a personalized “Happy birthday” from Dorian Yates? It’s yours for a hundred bucks. Cameo is the shout-out app via which you can buy short messages—well wishes, advice, motivation, etc.—from the famous, the used-to-be-famous, and the nearly-famous. What’s interesting about Cameo is the celebs set their own prices (Cameo takes 25%), providing insights into cost and demand. Caitlyn Jenner, at $2500, is priciest. Around $500 seems to be the sweet spot for big names: Snoop Dogg, Bret Farve, Troy Aikman, Mariano Rivera, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Ice T. There are bargains, including Dwight Howard ($250), Ed Asner ($100), and Taye Diggs ($75).

The Barbell culled through the notable bodybuilders, strength athletes, and fitness personalities and ranked them from most to least expensive. As an inexact way of measuring their sales, we’ve included their number of reviews. It’s estimated that 5-10% of all online customers leave reviews, but note that some of these Cameoers may have recently joined the service. There are some surprising bargains, like 7-time Olympia 212 champ Flex Lewis ($30) and 4-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas ($20). And check out the off-the-chart review tallies for popular YouTubers C.T. Fletcher and Kali Muscle.

Mike O'Hearn

$250  MIKE O’HEARN  bodybuilder, fitness model (10 reviews)

$150 RALF MUELLER ’80s pro bodybuilder, actor (no reviews)

$100 SAMIR BANNOUT 1983 Mr. Olympia (no reviews)

$100 ANDREAS CAHLING ’80s & ’90s pro bodybuilder (3 reviews)

$100 LOU FERRIGNO ’70s pro bodybuilder, Hulk (14 reviews)

$100 EDDIE HALL 2017 World’s Strongest Man (37 reviews)

Kiana Tom

$100 KIANA TOM ’90s fitness model & TV host (4 reviews)

$100 DORIAN YATES 6-time Mr. Olympia: 1992-97 (10 reviews)

$80 MARK HENRY powerlifter, weightlifter, strongman (23 reviews)

$75 SERGIO OLIVA, JR. current pro bodybuilder (1 review)

Jay Cutler bodybuilder

$75 JAY CUTLER  4-time Mr. Olympia: 2006-7, 2009-10 (49 reviews)

$75 RAYE HOLLITT ’80s bodybuilder, Gladiator (1 review)

$55 KRIS GETHIN bodybuilder, endurance athlete (7 reviews)

$50 BENEDIKT MAGNUSSON strongman (1 review)

$50 LEE PRIEST ’90s & ’00s pro bodybuilder (12 reviews)

$50 ANDRE RUSH bodybuilder, White House chef (2 reviews)

$40 MONICA BRANT 1998 Ms. Fitness Olympia (1 review)

Kali Muscle

$40 KALI MUSCLE bodybuilder, popular YouTuber (205 reviews)

$40 C.T. FLETCHER  bodybuilder, popular YouTuber (529 reviews)

$30 FLEX LEWIS 7-times 212 Mr. Olympia (5 reviews)

$25 DANNY HESTER 2016 Classic Mr. Olympia  (no reviews)

Dennis James bodybuilder

$25 DENNIS JAMES ’00s pro bodybuilder (1 review)

$25 GUY CISTERNINO 212 pro bodybuilder (13 reviews)

$20 BIG LENNY  YouTube “bodybuilder” reality star (83 reviews)

$20 CODY MONTGOMERY pro bodybuilder (1 review)

Cameo bodybuilders

$20 ZYDRUNAS SAVICKAS 4-time World’s Strongest Man (13 reviews)

$20 RAY WILLIAMS powerlifter, biggest squatter ever (9 reviews)

$20 HIDETADA YAMAGISHI veteran pro bodybuilder (8 reviews)

$10 LAYNE NORTON sports scientist, powerlifter, bodybuilder (4 reviews)

$10 TOM STOLTMAN strongman (1 review)

$10 WESLEY VISSERS classic physique pro (10 reviews)

$5 CAILER WOOLAM world-record-holding powerlifter (no reviews)

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