Looking at Mr. Olympia programs in chronological order, you can see not only how the booklets have changed but also how the Olympia itself evolved: from a small men’s contest in a crowded lineup of shows always in New York City in the 1960s to a prestigious, stand-alone men’s contest held in different locations around the globe in the ’80s and ’90s to a Las Vegas fitness celebration with multiple male and female competitions this century. The programs write a history of the Mr. Olympia itself.

1965 Mr. Olympia

September 18, 1965 / New York City

The first Mr. O. Held in conjunction with the Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Miss Americana. Won by Larry Scott.

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mr olympia 1965

1966 Mr. Olympia

September 17, 1966 / New York City

The second Mr. O. Also held in conjunction with the Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Miss Americana. Also won by Larry Scott.

mr olympia 1966

1973 Mr. Olympia

September 8, 1973 / New York City

The ninth Mr. O and the fourth won by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Olympia 1973
mr olympia 1973

1976 Mr. Olympia

September 18, 1976 / Columbus, Ohio

The first of six Olympias promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer in Columbus. And the first of three silkscreen Arnold program covers. Held with Mr. International. Won by Franco Columbu.

Mr Olympia 1976
mr olympia

1977 Mr. Olympia

October 1, 1977 / Columbus, Ohio

Also promoted by Schwarzenegger/Lorimer and held with the Mr. International. First Mr. O win for Frank Zane.

Mr Olympia 1977
mr olympia 1977
olympia program

1978 Mr. Olympia

September 23, 1978 / Columbus, Ohio

Also promoted by Schwazengger/Lorimer and held with the Mr. International. Also won by Zane.

Olympia history
mr olympia 1978

1979 Mr. Olympia

October 6, 1979 / Columbus, Ohio

Also promoted by Schwarzenegger/Lorimer and held with the Mr. International. Third and final Olympia won by Frank Zane.

Mr Olympia 1979

1981 Mr. Olympia

October 10, 1981 / Columbus, Ohio

The Olympia returns to Columbus after 1980 was held in Australia. Promoted again by Schwarzengger/Lorimer with the Mr. International. Controversially won by Franco Columbu.

Mr Olympia 1981

1982 Mr. Olympia

October 1982 / London, England

Only Mr. O held in the U.K. Won by Chris Dickerson.

Mr Olympia 1982

1983 Mr. Olympia

September 23, 1983 / Munich, Germany

The second and last Olympia held in Germany (the first was 1972). Won by Samir Bannout.

1983 Mr. Olympia

1986 Mr. Olympia

October 11, 1986 / Columbus, Ohio

The sixth and final Olympia held in Columbus promoted by Schwarzenegger/Lorimer. The third Olympia won by Lee Haney. The contest has now been branded: “Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia.”

1986 Mr. Olympia

1988 Mr. Olympia

September 24 / Los Angeles

Cover art by fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. The only Olympia held in L.A. The fifth Mr. O won by Lee Haney.

mr olympia 1988
mr olympia 1988
mr olympia 1988

1990 Mr. Olympia

September 15, 1990 / Chicago

The only drug-tested Mr. O and the only Olympia held in Chicago. The seventh Mr. O won by Haney.

1990 Mr. Olympia

1991 Mr. Olympia

September 14, 1991 / Orlando, Florida

Held at Walt Disney World. The record-setting eighth and final Mr. O won by Lee Haney.

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1991 Mr. Olympia

1993 Mr. Olympia

September 11, 1993 / Atlanta

First of three consecutive Mr. O’s held in Atlanta. For the first time, the Ms. Olympia is featured on (and in) the program, but the contests are still separate. They are staged together the following year. Dorian Yates wins his second Olympia title.

1993 Mr. Olympia

1995 Mr. Olympia

September 9, 1995 / Atlanta

Last Mr. O staged in Atlanta and the fourth won by Yates. As reflected in the program’s cover, the Mr. Olympia is combined with the Ms. Olympia, Masters Olympia, and first Fitness Olympia as the Olympia Weekend becomes a multifaceted event. A standard format takes form: press conference on Thursday; Ms. O and Masters O on Friday; Fitness O and Mr. O on Saturday; champion seminar on Sunday morning.

1995 Mr. Olympia
Mr Olympia 1995
Dorian Yates

1996 Mr. Olympia

September 21, 1996 / Chicago

Second and last Olympia staged in Chicago. Another four-Olympia event. Yates win his fifth Mr. O. Sandow trophy on program cover.

1996 Mr Olympia

1997 Mr. Olympia

September 20, 1997 / Long Beach, California

Second and last contest held in Southern California. Only the Mr. Olympia and Masters Olympia are staged together. Final Mr. O won by Yates. The program’s Musclehedz cover cartoon by John Gleneicki.

1997 Mr. Olympia

1999 Mr. Olympia

October 23, 1999 / Las Vegas

First of 21 consecutive Olympias held in Las Vegas. Second Mr. O won by Ronnie Coleman.

1999 Mr Olympia

2000 Mr. Olympia

October 21, 2000 / Las Vegas

Third Mr. O won by Ronnie Coleman.

2000 Mr Olympia
Coleman Cutler

2001 Mr. Olympia

October 27, 2001 / Las Vegas

Fourth Mr. O won by Coleman.

2001 Mr Olympia

2003 Mr. Olympia

October 25, 2003 / Las Vegas

The Ms. Figure Olympia was added to the lineup of contests this year. Coleman won his seventh Mr. O. The program cover features Gunter Schlierkamp after he defeated Coleman at a contest (not the Olympia) the year before.

2003 Mr Olympia

2004 Mr. Olympia

October 30, 2004 / Las Vegas

The cover promotes the Coleman-Cutler rivalry. Jay Cutler finishes second to Ronnie Coleman for the third time.

Mr Olympia 2004

2005 Mr. Olympia

October 15, 2005 / Las Vegas

40th anniversary Olympia. Sandow trophy on the cover again. Ronnie Coleman wins his record-tying eighth Mr. O and Cutler is second again.

2005 Mr Olympia

2006 Mr. Olympia

September 29, 2006 / Las Vegas

Though Coleman is alone on the cover with the line “Will history be made?” as he pursues a record-setting ninth Sandow, Jay Cutler finally defeats him to win the Mr. O.

2006 Olympia Sandow

2007 Mr. Olympia

September 29, 2007 / Las Vegas

The Sandow trophy appears on the cover for the third time. Jay Cutler wins his second Mr. O.

2007 Mr Olympia

2008 Mr. Olympia

September 27, 2008 / Las Vegas

First of several covers featuring numerous Mr. O contenders. Also highlights new slogan: “Where Legends Are Made.” The 202 Olympia is added to the busy lineup of contests. Dexter Jackson upsets Cutler for the Mr. O title.

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Mr Olympia 2008

2009 Mr. Olympia

September 26, 2009 / Las Vegas

Now we have 10 Olympia contenders, male and female, on the cover. Cutler regained his Mr. O title.

Mr. Olympia 2009

2010 Mr. Olympia

September 25, 2010 / Las Vegas

An even busier “Where Legends Are Made” cover. Jay Cutler wins his fourth Mr. O.

2010 Mr Olympia

2012 Mr. Olympia

September 29, 2012 / Las Vegas

Five Mr. O contenders. The 202 Olympia becomes the 212 Olympia. Phil Heath wins his second Mr. O.

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2012 Mr Olympia

2013 Mr. Olympia

September 28, 2013 / Las Vegas

Third Mr. O win for Heath.

Mr. Olympia 2013

2014 Mr. Olympia

September 20, 2014 / Las Vegas

The 50th Mr. Olympia. Heath wins again.

2014 Mr Olympia

2017 Mr. Olympia

September 16, 2017 / Las Vegas

Phil Heath wins his seventh Mr. O.

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2017 Mr Olympia

2018 Mr. Olympia

September 15, 2018 / Las Vegas

Fourteen champs on the cover. Shawn Rhoden defeats Heath to become the 14th Olympia.

2018 Mr Olympia