Looking at Olympia programs in chronological order, you can see not only how the booklets have changed but also how the Olympia itself evolved: from a small men’s contest in a crowded lineup of shows (always in New York City) in the ’60s to a prestigious, stand-alone men’s contest (held in different locations around the globe) in the ’80s and ’90s to a fitness celebration with multiple male and female competitions this century (held, until recently, in Las Vegas).

1965 Mr. Olympia
First Mr. Olympia

1966 Mr. Olympia

1973 Mr. Olympia

1976 Mr. Olympia
First of six Olympias staged in Columbus and co-promoted by Arnold.

1977 Mr. Olympia

1978 Mr. Olympia

1979 Mr. Olympia

1981 Mr. Olympia

1982 Mr. Olympia

1983 Mr. Olympia

1986 Mr. Olympia

1988 Mr. Olympia
Cover art by noted fantasy artist Boris Vallejo.

1990 Mr. Olympia

1991 Mr. Olympia

1993 Mr. Olympia
First of three consecutive Mr. Olympias staged in Atlanta. The Mr. and Ms. Olympias are still separate; they are first staged together the next year.

1995 Olympia
First Fitness Olympia. Combined with Master’s Olympia, Mr. Olympia, and Ms. Olympia, the Olympia Weekend becomes multifaceted event.

1996 Olympia

1997 Mr. Olympia

1999 Olympia
First of 21 consecutive Olympias in Las Vegas.

2000 Olympia

2001 Olympia

2003 Olympia
First Figure Olympia.

2004 Olympia

2005 Olympia

2006 Olympia

2007 Olympia

2008 Olympia
First 202 Olympia.

2009 Olympia

2010 Olympia

2012 Olympia
202 Olympia becomes 212 Olympia.

2013 Olympia

2017 Olympia

2018 Olympia