Ronnie Coleman wants to lose the crutches and wheelchair for good. Since October of 2020, he’s been reducing back pain and regaining leg strength thanks to stem cells. In an effort to regain lost mobility due to lingering spinal trauma and multiple unsuccessful back surgeries, Ronnie Coleman has again journeyed from his home in Arlington, Texas, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As on previous occasions, Coleman is undergoing stem cell therapy via intravenous injections at the Regenamex Clinic.

But this time the 58-year-old bodybuilding legend, who won the Mr. Olympia a record-tying eight times from 1998-2005, is also spending time in a hyperbaric chamber, breathing pure oxygen for an hour at a time, a treatment that has been shown to stimulate a patient’s body to produce huge quantities of its own stem cells. In promising studies, stem cells can repair spinal cord injuries.

Ronnie Coleman wrote on Instagram today:

Yeah Buddy finally got a chance to sit in a Hyperbaric Chamber and it quite an experience. One day I will get my mobility back. Perseverance is the key, quitters never win. As long as I don’t give up I truly have a chance. This chamber combined with 300 million stem cells gives me the best shot ever. I love when a plan comes together. As long as I have a plan I have a chance. As long as I’m alive I have a chance to survive and overcome this obstacle.

He later shared a photo of the hyperbaric chamber:

Ronnie Coleman hyperbaric
Regenamex Hyperbaric Chamber where Ronnie Coleman receives treatment / Instagram

Ronnie Coleman wrote:

The Hyperbaric Chamber we sit in for our sessions. This bad boy is off the chain. We have an A/C in here, television with Netflix and YouTube so time goes by real fast when we’re watching a good movie. Our sessions are only an hour but watching a good movie seems like 15-20 minutes.

Ronnie Coleman hyperbaric
Ronnie Coleman receiving stem cell treatment / Instagram

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