A lot of videos have been shot in the kitchen and home gym of bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman over the past quarter-century. When he bought his house 26 years ago, he was still a full-time Arlington, Texas policeman, single, and a year away from winning his first Mr. Olympia title. When I visited the house in 2004 for a FLEX magazine photoshoot, the two-story, five-bedroom, three-bathroom abode seemed more than big enough for a single guy, even one as gargantuan as Coleman.

Only the attached home gym was cramped, and only because the world’s best bodybuilder had so much equipment packed in there then that he had to repeatedly move machines to use the machine he wanted. (He did his heavy work at nearby Metroflex Gym. The home gym was for cardio and the occasional, lighter weight-training session, especially for arms or shoulders, and with the music played VERY LOUD.) I don’t remember precisely how little he’d paid for the house seven years before my visit, but I do remember marveling that it cost less than his new Bentley!

Ronnie Coleman home gym
Inside Ronnie’s home gym, a glass-walled attachment to his house of 26 years. / Redfin
Ronnie Coleman home gym
A 3000-sq. foot house and the weights that helped build an 8-time Mr. O, all for under $500k. / Redfin

This year marks 18 years since Ronnie Coleman won his record-tying eighth Mr. Olympia, and the 58-year-old living legend is married with four daughters. The family of six shared that same 3040-square foot house at 706 Gentry Drive in Arlington, Texas.

Ronnie Coleman house
The kitchen where innumerable chicken breasts and protein shakes were prepared. / Redfin
Ronnie Coleman house
The master bedroom of the 8-time Mr. O and Susan, his wife of seven years. / Redfin

Ronnie Coleman posted on Instagram today that he is finally moving on up:

After 26 years in my lovely home, I am finally selling it to move into a bigger house for my bigger family. I’m hoping someone else falls in love with it the way I fell in love with it. I had planned to stay forever but my wife wanted a bigger house for our growing girls. You know what they say, “Happy wife Happy life” plus the time is now. This house has the best gym ever and the best living accommodations ever. We just installed a brand new Jacuzzi that the girls adore. So come on out for a visit if someone wants to purchase a little bit of history. The trophy case is definitely off the chain and one of the highlights of this resident. 

The house is listed on the Redfin real estate website for $495,000.

Ronnie Coleman trophy case
Ronnie Coleman’s trophy case when it was loaded with trophies, including his eight Sandows (top row). / YouTube
Ronnie Coleman house
The same case today as the house is staged for prospective buyers. / Redfin

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