After the mega-successful release of Trivial Pursuit in 1981, there were countless official and unofficial trivia board games in the aftermath, many of which focused on specific themes (sports, movies, 1960s, Disney, etc.). In 1990, along came Muscle Challenge, billed as the “Bodybuilding Knowledge and Trivia Game.” The back of the box explained:

MUSCLE CHALLENGE is a fun and educational game for everyone who loves bodybuilding—from hardcore bodybuilders to those who want to be. From Hercules to Muscle Beach to the ’90s, MUSCLE CHALLENGE covers it all. MUSCLE CHALLENGE includes questions and answers on Bodybuilding History, Contests, Nicknames, Terminology, Gyms, Places, Personalities, Equipment, Anatomy, Books, Exercises, Magazines, and much more. Players try to answer questions correctly to collect 8 different colored Olympic Plates on their Barbell and Tan, Symmetry, and Posing Cards. Then, the first player to correctly answer a question from the center of the Gameboard wins MUSCLE CHALLENGE.

It’s certainly outdated, but you can occasionally find the game or its parts listed on eBay. As of this writing, there’s an unopened box of Muscle Challenge available there for $25.

Muscle Challenge trivia game
box front cover
Muscle Challenge game
box back cover
Muscle Challenge cards and pieces
trivia cards, die, and barbell plates
Muscle Challenge game cards
posing cards
Muscle Challenge game
anatomy chart
Muscle Challenge board game
gameboard (note the “Go to Jail” steroids corner)

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