Method Man is best known as a rapper and actor. As a member of the legendary rap collective Wu Tang Clan and in his solo career, Method Man rhymed on some of hip-hop’s most iconic songs. He’s also racked up over 100 acting credits. But in recent years his Instagram account has featured mostly his workouts. Method Man, who claims to be all about that “nattylife” (not using performance enhancing drugs), is a weight-training fanatic. At 51, he posts videos of himself pushing, pulling, and squatting some remarkably big weights for a not-so-big, middle-aged man. We calculated that he’s capable of a 345-pound bench press after watching him bench 315 for four reps. (Jan. 18 2023 Update: Make that 354.4 after he benched 315 for 5.) And on July 8, he posted a video of himself squatting 315 for three deep reps, which equals 334 for a single.

Method Man workout
Method Man on August 2. / Instagram

On November 1, the 51-year-old Method Man posted a video of himself pulling a personal best 500-pound deadlift (in socks, with straps). Actor Dave Bautista commented: “With ease! ??” and 7-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath commented: “EZ AF?” Watch the video below.

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