Method Man benching 315 for 5. / Instagram

Method Man continues his fitness quest at 51, and today he set another personal record lift. Last November, The Barbell reported on the legendary rapper and prolific actor pulling a PR 500-pound deadlift. We said then his best bench press was 315 pounds (143 kg.) for four. Today, an Instagram video chronicled Method Man benching 315 for five on his sixth set of bench presses (presumably, he pyramided up).

Method Man pre workout
Method Man on his way to a PR of six reps with three plates. / Instagram

The Wu-Tang Clan member also incline pressed 120-pound dumbbells for eight reps.

Method Man workout
Taking the 120s for a ride. / Instagram

After the chest workout, Cliff “Method Man” Smith hit what he called a PR bench press without wrist wraps or elbow sleeves, grinding up a single rep with 335 pounds (152 kg.).

Method Man pre workout
The rap legend benching 335 without wraps or sleeves. / Instagram

As impressive as that is at his age and size and as a self-proclaimed “natty4life,” we prefer Method Man’s 315 for five with wraps and sleeves, because that equates to a 354.4-pound (161 kg.) single-rep bench press.

Watch the entire video here:

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