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Kris Gethin announced today that he is leaving Kaged Muscle, the supplement company he was the face of since its beginning. Gethin, 48, a popular fitness influencer and trainer, co-founded Kaged Muscle supplements in 2014 with Michael McClane, a former executive at, where Gethin was editor-in-chief. Gethin was CEO of Kaged until July 2020, when McClane took over the top post. Now, Gethin is moving on, to, as he says, “a much higher, positive, and brighter future in which you will hear about soon.”

kaged muscle
Kris Gethin promoting Kaged Muscle supplements. / Instagram

Kris Gethin released the following statement on Instagram today:

I am leaving Kaged.

This post is to inform you all that I am now leaving Kaged. It’s been a great journey but it’s time for the next chapter.

I had originally begun KAGED MUSCLE as a magazine in 2006, used it [for] my profile on BodySpace in 2007, and then published two books, a graphic novel, and co-founded KAGED the company in 2014 under the same name. I even had it tattooed on my neck, so my devotion and loyalty to the brand was nothing less than 100% — I bled KAGED.

The company and my business partners now have views which are not in alignment with mine, so I have decided to move on.

Times change, people change, and motivation has changed.

I am a man of my word; relationships mean everything to me, and I learned a long time ago that there are many ways to make money but only [a] few ways to be happy. I will only put my name to things that I truly believe in, nothing less. My happiness is connected to my authenticity and identity. The last thing I want to do is to lose my authenticity to you, my customers and followers, or my identity to myself.

I have always said “control your environment, don’t let it control you,” and that is what I am doing now.

Paths in life change and I am moving on to a much higher, positive, and brighter future in which you will hear about soon.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, friendship, and loyalty. I will not let you down.

We anticipate Kris Gethin launching a new supplement company this year.