Jay Cutler recently trained and posed with Lexx Little and Stef Meyers.

Jay Cutler is 49 and a true bodybuilding legend, the winner of four Mr. Olympias and three Arnold Classics. He holds the record for most Mr. Olympia top two finishes at 10. Though he continues to train and eat like a bodybuilder (and uses testosterone replacement therapy), Cutler last competed 9 years ago and has, of course, downsized significantly from his Olympia years. Lexx Little is 21 and Stef Meyers is 20, and, though Little has a big social media following, both youngsters are best known for their promise as classic physique competitors.

Jay Cutler, Stef Meyers, Lexx Little
Stef Meyers, Jay Cutler, Lexx Little strike most musculars in the Gold’s posing room. / YouTube

The living legend, who turned pro at 23 (way back in 1996), and the two eager-to-learn up-and-comers trained chest in the bodybuilding mecca of Gold’s Gym, Venice, and struck shots in the Gold’s posing room. Little and Meyers called Cutler “uncle” and Cutler calls each of them “nephew.”

“Worked out with an actual legend today,” Stef Meyers said afterwards, as if reminding himself it really happened.

“Worked out with a living legend,” Lexx Little agreed, and then he added as if to highlight how incredible it was: “Might as well have worked out with The Rock.”

As for Jay Cutler, he looks amazing for 49 and 9 years into retirement. He’s staying lean; his skin is tight; and, his legs, especially, still look like the wheels of a competitive bodybuilder, especially in the side shot with Meyers below. Uncle Jay, the living legend who was once a young bodybuilding phenom, still has it, as he informs and inspires the next generation.

Jay Cutler, Lexx Little
Little & Cutler / lexx.little Instagram
Stef Meyers, Jay Cutler
Meyers & Cutler / stefmeyers_ Instagram
Jay Cutler poses at 49
Little & Cutler / lexx.little Instagram
Jay Cutler at 49
Meyers & Cutler / stefmeyers_ Instagram

Check out the video here:

bodybuilder Jay Cutler
Cutler watches Little pose in front of the famous Gold’s Gym first room mirror. / YouTube
bodybuilder Jay Cutler poses 49
Cutler watches Meyers hit a classic pose while Little records. / YouTube
Jay Cutler bodybuilder training
Lexx Little spots 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler in the mecca. / YouTube