Flex Lewis and his seven 212 Olympia medals. / Instagram

Bodybuilding legend Flex Lewis hinted that he may be coming to TV screens in the UK. In an interview with The U.S. Sun mostly about his friendship with 4-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, Lewis, the 7-time 212 Olympia champ, spoke about his thriving businesses:

“I have just under 200 employees in all my businesses that I have. And then having me in these businesses now [since retiring from competitive bodybuilding] that I wasn’t able to give back to in the past. Everything evolves. Everything sort of has increased tenfold, as my wife would say because I’m part of it.”

Flex Lewis interview TV
Flex Lewis and the new World’s Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper. / Instagram

Then he dropped the following news flash:

“But then also as a brand, I’m working on some other things more so in the media, more so on TV. There’s some things I can’t talk about, but I think you’re gonna see a little bit more of Flex Lewis on some British TV in the future.”

He’s already done talk show appearances in the UK. There was even a one-hour BBC documentary about him in 2018. Could this be something more? We don’t see the charismatic Lewis regularly commuting from his home in Las Vegas to the UK to film a TV series. Could this be a reality TV show? If so, it could be based in Vegas and/or focus on a new Dragon’s Lair gym opening in the UK without Lewis there all the time. Could he be a judge on a competition show or a commentator at a sporting event (as he was with the recent World’s Strongest Man)? How ’bout guest star of a bodybuilding episode of The Crown?

For now, Flex isn’t saying. But we’re sure he’ll have plenty to say if and when his “other things” on TV become official.