It was different this year. Instead of four days of high-tech everything in Vegas. CES, in the age of Covid-19, went virtual. We didn’t get to touch, but we got to look at the latest and (perhaps) greatest in fitness technology. This is our top four in fitness tech at the CES 2021.


Okay, you’re familiar with smartwatches. But what about a smart ring? The ArcX is a mini-joystick on a silicone ring that connects, via Bluetooth, to any smartphone. Wear it on your pointer finger and you can control it with your thumb, allowing you to easily do things like skip through your playlist, take calls, control an action camera, and monitor your workout, all while getting in your lifts or cardio, including the most vigorous cycling, running, skiing, and even swimming (yes, its waterproof). Available in May for $99.

arcx smart ring


Since the pandemic, more of us have been working out at home, perhaps in front of our TVs. Samsung has made its newest TVs your potential personal trainer. The voice-controlled Smart Trainer is built into most of Samsung’s new QLED TVs (prices vary). Pair it with a Logitech camera and it’ll monitor your workout, counting reps and steps and calories burned and even offering tips on improving your form and posture.

samsung smart trainer


Really, earbuds? What could be revolutionary about earbuds? you ask. If you run, whether outside or on a treadmill, Soul has the answer. Their wireless Blade earbuds have health sensors built in to track your heart rate. But they’re also monitoring your running form (head angle, body tilt, stride distance, etc.). An AI voice will actually coach you as you go to help improve your form, all without you touching a phone. And after the run, the phone app provides a readout of your workout stats (distance, time, heart rate, etc.). Available later this year, reportedly for $199.

soul blade earbuds


Calling itself “the most amazing fitness subscription service ever,” Ultrahuman is certainly the most holistic. The app and subscription service (lifetime cost: $79.99) offer self-improvement classes in exercise, yoga, mindfulness, sleep, and more, all taught by expert athletes, neuroscientists, and psychologists, including CrossFit champ Kara Saunders and trainer Kris Gethin. The app can be integrated with smartwatches to monitor stats like heart rate and calories burned during workouts. Classes include “Overcoming Fear,” “Functional Strength Training,” “Mindful Sleep,” and “Work Effectively from Home.” We told you it was holistic.


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