C.T. Fletcher is the motherf**ckin’ master motivator of weight-training. Born in 1959, Fletcher grew up in an abusive home in Compton, California. After a stint in the army and earning a black belt in karate, he took up bodybuilding and powerlifting and attained world titles in the strict curl and the bench press. He underwent life-saving open-heart surgery in 2005 and was told he could never lift weights again.

In the years after, C.T. Fletcher’s inspiring story and profane motivational quotes took hold. He launched a popular YouTube channel (1.5 million subscribers) and Instagram account (2.5 million followers), as well as Iron Addicts Gym, and his hardcore mantras “It’s still your motherf**king set!” and, directed at muscles, “I command you to grow!” went mainstream. C.T. Fletcher, who had a heart transplant in 2018, continues to lift heavy, and he continues to motivate men and women to take charge of their motherf**kin’ lives.

These are C.T. Fletcher’s best motivational quotes.

CT Fletcher quotes
C.T. Fletcher motivating / Instagram

“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.”

“If you can control your mind, you can control your motherf**kin’ muscles! Command them motherf**kers to grow!”

“I don’t wanna be one of the masses. That’s why I’m here in the gym.”

 “Some go big, I went enormous. Some set goals, I set milestones. Some climb hills, I climbed mountains. Some want growth, I command growth. Some said it was over, I said “F**k you!”

 “Don’t look for an easy way out. Nobody wants to work hard these days. The 20-minute abs, the 10-minute this, the 10-minute that. F**k that! Come to the gym, work your ass off. Earn it!”

“May I have more please? May I have more pain? May I have more torture? Because I know this sh*t gonna make me grow!”

CT Fletcher
CT Fletcher at 40 / Instagram

 “Everything is impossible until someone crazy enough comes along and makes it possible.”

 “Don’t make no difference what it is. I’ma pick the s*ht up! How much it is?! I’ma pick the s*ht up! That’s what I do; I pick s*ht up!”

“Pain is necessary. Embrace the pain.”

 “F**k average. Beast or bitch, it’s your choice.”

“I command you to grow! You must grow! I’m the boss, motherf**ker! I tell you what to do; you don’t tell me! I told your ass to grow. Grow!”

“Live an extraordinary life. Don’t settle for an ordinary life. It’s easy to be ordinary. Anybody can do that.”

“History never remembers the haters.”

“Find your magnificent obsession, whatever it is, and let nothing or no one tell you that you can’t do it. Tell them to sit back and watch you do it!”

CT Fletcher quotes

“This is your wakeup call, motherf**ker! This is your week to make it happen! Wake up the Hercules in you!”

“No matter how slow you go you’re still lapping everybody on the couch.”

 “Pain is a necessary evil. Get used to it, motherf**ker. Make friends with it and then kick f**king pain’s ass!”

“The best judge of what you should or shouldn’t do inside the gym is your own f**king body. Learn to listen to it. It’ll speak to you. Your body will tell you if a movement or an exercise is working.”

“If you wanted to be a mere mortal, you wouldn’t be here doing this sh*t! You’d be at home, on the couch, looking at T.V. with the rest of those fat motherf**kers!”

“F**k being so strict. F**k going by the book. F**K THE BOOK! At the end, the last set of every exercise is always until failure—until you can’t f**king do no more!”

“Unchain your mind. Unchain your mind from the imprisonment of fear. Unchain your mind. It’s been caged with doubt. Unchain your mind. Lose yourself. Let yourself free from the binds of average, from the binds of normal.”

CT Fletcher motivation

“F**k mediocracy! I don’t wanna be mediocre. F**k being like everybody else. I don’t wanna be like everybody else. F**k being in between. All or nothing baby, there is no in between!”

“It’s no problem for me to eat the same thing every f**king day because I’m not eating ’cause something tastes good. I’m eating for the f**king results. People will say, ‘I hate diet food because the diet food taste so bad.’ Motherf**ker, you ain’t eating this sh*t for it to taste good. You’re eating because you want the results it’ll give, the way it’ll make you look.”

“Obsession isn’t always a bad thing. Obsession is a downright requirement to be great.”

“You may have been born with more genetic prowess than me, but you can’t out-determine me, you can’t out-will me, you can’t out-want me, you can’t outwork me, you can’t out-desire me. I’m the king of that sh*t!”

“The most powerful motivational speeches that I’ve ever heard came from people who told me I couldn’t do something. I was bound and determined to show them that I could.”

“Never accept the limitations of someone else.”

CT Fletcher quotes

“It’s still your motherf**kin set!”