All photos: Instagram

Big Ramy provided a physique update on Instagram today with waist-up photos of him hitting the front relaxed pose, front double biceps, rear double biceps, and two most musculars. The text read: “Last pictures before start of my contest diet. Weight 153.5kg/ 337.7lbs. Let the fun begin.” From the front, Ramy already looks pretty lean, as evidenced by the vascularity in his chest. We are now slightly more than 12 weeks out from the Mr. Olympia (December 17-18) in Las Vegas, where two-time and reigning champ Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay will vie for his third straight title.

Big Ramy
Big Ramy: front double biceps
Big Ramy Olympia
Big Ramy: rear double biceps
Big Ramy
Big Ramy: most muscular (hands in front)
Big Ramy 2022 Olympia
Big Ramy: most muscular (hands on hips)

The Egyptian Ramy has been at training camp in Dubai with his coach, Dennis James. James has been pleased with Big Ramy’s progress with the exception of his trapezius, which James says isn’t firing properly. Traps have never been a strength for the current Mr. Olympia, but his shoulders and lats are so wide it’s hard to notice.

When asked recently what he thinks is his biggest weakness, Ramy answered “conditioning.” That was certainly true at last year’s Olympia, where his murky conditioning had many claiming Brandon Curry should’ve won the title. Big Ramy looks to rectify that this year, and, judging by his relatively lean shape at 338 before even beginning his strictest diet, he seems to be on track. As Big Ramy said today: “Let the fun begin.”