In the fourth installment of an occasional series, we celebrate with mockery the worst, the weirdest, and the WTF covers in the long history of muscle magazines.

Alan Guest

Deleted dream sequence? Couples bodyweight training? We only know it’s in the running for the ultimate WTF cover. (Bodybuilder: Alan Guest) May 1989

Alan Stephan bodybuilder

Check out the special effects in the original Aquaman movie. (Bodybuilder: Alan Stephan) September 1948

bad muscle magazine

Just curl the tiniest dumbbell so it doesn’t distract from your biceps. (Bodybuilder: Sia Shahabi) March 1987

Pete Grymkowski

Did I say tiniest dumbbell? I meant that comically oversized dumbbell. (Bodybuilder: Pete Grymkowski) June 1980, first issue of Muscle & Fitness, which previously had other names (One more ridiculous thing: you!)

bodybuilding magazine

Just in case you thought creepy gym-lurker guy was a new thing. April 1920

Billy Arlen bodybuilder

Billy Arlen was warning about climate change back in the ’80s. (Bodybuilder: Billy Arlen) April 1982

Shawn Ray Flex cover

Speaking of the ’80s… (Model: Gea Johnson, Bodybuilder: Shawn Ray, his first cover) June 1986

Debbie Halo

Oxygen tank. Spear gun. Do we have to spell it out for you? (Model: Debbie Halo), April 1995

Chet Yorton bodybuilder

Chet: “Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t really want to hike all they way into the forest just for a photoshoot. Isn’t there an easier way?” (Bodybuilder: Chet Yorton) April 1967

Dolly Parton worst magazine cover

Really, a Dolly Parton bust and a 20-inch waist?! You don’t think you’re overselling this? (Bodybuilder: Peter Lindsay, Bustbuilder: Dolly Parton) May 1979

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