In the third installment of an occasional series, we celebrate with mockery the worst, the weirdest, and the WTF covers in the long history of muscle magazines.

David Dearth cover

Goodbye, ’80s. It’s 1990, we need a fresh look. Mullet, robot shades, two S&M belts, tank-top torn into sports bra…nailed it! (Bodybuilder: David Dearth)

Tom Platz cover

Great workout, Tom, but now we don’t have time for the cover shoot. (Bodybuilder: Tom Platz)

Little known fact: Before the barbell was invented, cow dung lifting was a popular sport.

Scene from a straight-to-video movie about a cocaine heist?

Mohamed Makkawy cover

Another scene from the same movie? (Bodybuilder: Mohamed Makkawy)

When the time-released smelling salt kicks in.

“How to Die Young” Let’s see. How ’bout a handstand on a wakeboard on Lake Blood?

Leo Roberts cover

The framing is all wrong. (Bodybuilder: Leo Roberts)

Sharon Marvel Steve Stone cover

Little did we know the ‘Maximum Hot’ Muscle Adventure Zone was just a bearskin rug. (Bodybuilders: Steve Stone, Sharon Marvel)

Bruce Jenner cover Caitlyn

The future Caitlyn helps his second of three wives get a leg up.

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