In the second installment of an occasional series, we celebrate with mockery the worst and the weirdest covers in the long history of muscle magazines.

Geraldo shows up and 1983 Mr. O Samir Bannout doesn’t even get a mention. (Bodybuilders: Nicole Bass, Samir Bannout)

What’s back? From the future? (Bodybuilder: Mike Christian)

I couldn’t find the shark, so… (Bodybuilder: Eddie Robinson)

“No sir, we’re not high-protein. I can assure you we’re mostly carbs.”

We didn’t diet three months to wear snow suits. (Bodybuilder: Rich Gaspari)

Yes, the photo. But even better is the cover line: “Forty Men Can’t Pull Me Apart.”

Beefing Up Practical Tip #30: Isometric Shaving Pushdowns (Bodybuilder: Frank Sepe)

Franco, can you give me a lift? (Bodybuilder: Franco Columbu)

Hulk like mail. (Bodybuilder: Lou Ferrigno)

Just keep curling, baby, and one day you’ll be able to lift this dumbbell.