In the second installment of an occasional series, we celebrate with mockery the worst, the weirdest, and the WTF covers in the long history of muscle magazines.

Nicole Bass

Geraldo shows up and 1983 Mr. O Samir Bannout doesn’t even get a mention. (Bodybuilders: Nicole Bass, Samir Bannout)

Mike Christian bodybuilder

What’s back? (Bodybuilder: Mike Christian)

Eddie Robinson bodybuilder

I couldn’t find the shark, so… (Bodybuilder: Eddie Robinson)

funny magazine covers

“No sir, we’re not high-protein. I can assure you we’re mostly carbs.”

Rich Gaspari cover

We didn’t diet three months to wear snow suits. (Bodybuilder: Rich Gaspari)

funny magazine covers

Yes, the photo. But even better is the cover line: “Forty Men Can’t Pull Me Apart.”

Frank Sepe

Beefing Up Practical Tip #30: Isometric Shaving Pushdowns (Bodybuilder: Frank Sepe)

Franco Columbu cover

Franco, can you give me a lift? (Bodybuilder: Franco Columbu)

Lou Ferrigno Flex magazine

Hulk like mail. (Bodybuilder: Lou Ferrigno)

funny magazine covers

Just keep curling, baby, and one day you’ll be able to lift this dumbbell.

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