Arnold Schwarzenegger is 75. The 7-time Mr. Olympia whom many regard as bodybuilding’s GOAT is a half-century past his muscular prime, and he’s seen his body change dramatically. Though he still works out six days per week, Arnold almost always keeps his body beneath clothes these days. However, we did get a look at what was once bodybuilding’s best chest in Arnold’s new Netflix series FUBAR. In a post-sex scene with actress Fabiana Udenio in episode six, Arnold revealed his 75-year-old pecs, shoulders, and biceps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger now
Fabiana Udenio and Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR. / Netflix
Arnold at 75. / Netflix
Arnold Schwarzenegger body now
Arnold in his prime.


In a recent interview, Arnold opened up about his aging body:

“They play Pumping Iron in a loop in some of the gyms,” Schwarzenegger told me, grinning at the idea of his souped-up old self still presiding over the pretenders. We all get soft and dilapidated, but it cuts much harder when you’ve been “celebrated for years for having the best-developed body,” as he put it. “You get chubby. You get overweight, you get older and older.” Just imagine, he added wistfully, “the change I saw.”

And in another recent interview, Arnold, when asked if he was surprised to still be acting, answered:

I still work out every day, I ride my bike every day, and I make movies. Show business is another part of my life. I add in my life, I never subtract. I don’t need money. I get money because you have to have a certain value and the agents negotiate. But I have a great time doing it. I love everything that I do. There’s no retiring. I’m still on this side of the grass, so I’m happy. My plan is to live forever—and so far, so good!

arnold schwarzenegger now
Arnold in FUBAR. / Netflix
Arnold Schwarzenegger body now
Arnold’s side chest in the 1970s.

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