You’ll soon be able to see a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix. The seven-time Mr. Olympia, former movie superstar, and former California governor stars in the eight-episode, action-comedy series FUBAR, which premieres on Netflix on May 25 (watch the trailer here). Arnold plays Luke Brunner, a veteran CIA operative on the verge of retirement who is called up for one last undercover mission: saving another CIA operative who also happens to be his daughter. 

But that’s not all for the bodybuilding legend. Arnold is also the subject of the documentary series, Arnold, which premieres on Netflix less than two weeks after FUBAR on June 7. We’re especially intrigued about this Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary and hoping to gain some fresh insights into Arnold’s tremendous bodybuilding career and what fueled him to climb to the top in three separate fields.


Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary

This is the official trailer for Arnold:

Arnold, the documentary series, is narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and the three episodes focus on three chapters of his life: bodybuilder, actor, and politician/advocate. As revealed in the trailer, the series includes footage and outtakes from the classic bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron, shot when Arnold was preparing for and then competing in the 1975 Mr. Olympia, his sixth of seven Olympia victories. One quote from Arnold echoes things the then-20-something but now 75-year-old Schwarzenegger said in Pumping Iron as well as the fictional movie Stay Hungry: “If you’re always hungry, you’re never really satisfied.”

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