Every action has a beginning. But the thing about running is everyone thinks they’ve already begun. We all learned as infants, right? You put one foot forward, you put the other foot farther forward, repeat. If only… In fact, most of us, whether doing our cardio on a treadmill or, better yet, on a trail, track, or sidewalk, don’t truly know how to jog.

And about those treadmills, we’d like to encourage our meathead brethren who only think of foot placement on squat day, to bolster their cardiovascular capacity in the great outdoors. Even when the gyms reopen, liberate some workouts from the gym.

The Barbell is here to help. What follows is a quick primer (or refresher course) on the basics of correct running form. And if you’re still hesitating to lace up running shoes (and you should buy proper and properly-sized shoes) we’ve included some gotta-run wisdom from the legendary novelist Haruki Murakami, marathoner.