All photos: OlympiaTV

The 2022 Olympia press conference was held today in the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, officially kicking off the 2022 Olympia weekend.

You can watch the entire press conference here: 2022 Olympia press conference

2022 Olympia press conference
Emcee Bob Cicherillo interviews 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry (right) as 2020-21 Mr. Olympia Big Ramy listens.
2022 Olympia press conference
2019 212 Mr. Olympia Kamal El-Gargni (left) and 2020 212 Mr. Olympia Shaun Clarida.

What follows are three highlights.

Andrew Jacked vs. Iain Valliere

Jacked: “Some fools just keep running their mouth and saying some bullshit, and Iain [Valliere] is one of them, and where is his friend Fouad [Abiad] they said stuff about me before the Texas Pro, and then what happened, they ate their words. And they said the same thing about me before the U.K [Arnold Classic], too. Action speaks louder than words. I’m the only person in the Open division that has done all three wins in a row in seven months. So, stay tuned for tomorrow! I don’t want to be the biggest and the baddest, I just want to be the prettiest, the cutest and the sexiest. That’s why the Mona Lisa will be on full display tomorrow. Full display.”

Valliere: “I’ve been here, I’m battle-tested. I think [what I say on my podcasts] it’s my opinion, I give it straight up how it is. If you like it, you like it, if you don’t, you don’t. That’s how it is.”

2022 Mr Olympia
Ian Valliere (left) goes at Andrew Jacked (right) with William Bonac in the middle.

Jacked: “Hell no, let’s be honest.”

Valliere: “If you want to peel down and show [our physiques], I’ll give you my assessment. If you want to talk the talk, walk the walk.”

Jacked: “I’ve talked the talk and I’ve walked the walk, and history is there. So, let’s see what happens tomorrow. He gives predictions for everything, but he can’t give predictions for tomorrow. Let him talk the talk, I’ll walk the walk.”

Blessing Awodibu vs. Nick Walker

Awodibu: “Brick, you’re going down. Hunter Labrada, you’re going down.”

Walker: “He calls me Brick because supposedly I have a wide waist.”

Awodibu: “Are you ready, Nick-Brick. We ready. Brick, are you ready? Brick, are you ready?”

Walker: “I was born ready.”

Awodibu: “It’s going to happen. Friday night, I’ll break you down.”

Walker: “With legs like that, you’ll break yourself down.”

2022 Mr Olympia
Blessing Awodibu (left) goes at Nick Walker (right).

(Later) Walker to emcee Bob Cicherillo: “I will 100 percent be in the first callout. I do think I should have beat Hunter [Labrada] last year.”

Awodibu: “Someone turn this damn mic up. I was back there falling asleep. That was boring! You’re talking…you’re talking…”

Walker: “There’s no business to be finished. I don’t talk to people in the third callouts. That’s why you talk so much, because you won’t ever beat me.”

Michal Krizo Gives a Preview

When he was introduced, Michal Krizo promptly bounded to center stage and shed his Olympia warmup jacket and struck poses in a tank top as the Rocky theme played. He was the only competitor in any division to peel down at the 2022 Olympia press conference.

Michal Krizo 2022
Andrew Jacked (left) and Nick Walker (right) watch Michal Krizo hit a most muscular.
2022 Olympia Krizo
Michal Krizo locks in a front double biceps at the Olympia press conference.

Andrew Jacked and Nick Walker weren’t impressed. Walker said into the mic, “He ain’t ready for that yet.” We will soon find out…