In April 1993, Star International released 100 trading cards featuring male and female IFBB pro bodybuilders, including Dorian Yates, Lenda Murray, Lee Labrada, and Shawn Ray. It may not have been the best idea, lasting only one series, but it was a unique one. Today, unopened boxes of 36 packs (9 cards per pack) typically go for $50-$70 on eBay.

1993 pro bodybuilder trading cards
Unopened box / eBay
pro bodybuilder trading cards

Dorian Yates trading card
Dorian Yates trading card

Achim Albrecht trading card
Achim Albrecht
Milos Sarcev
Sandra Blackie
Lenda Murray trading card
Patrick Nichols
Sandy Riddel
Milos Sarcev
Milos Sarcev misidentified.
Susan Gafner
Mike Matarazzo
Anja Schreiner